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關於渠管健康的有用資訊 Useful Information on Healthy Drains

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Please find below message and link from Buildings Department for your information.




The Hong Kong Institute of Housing



1. 屋宇署網站 - 渠管健康 

2. 屋宇署「樓宇安全通訊」第19期

3. 屋宇署「樓宇安全通訊」第20期

4. 宣傳短片


In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community, the Buildings Department (BD) reminds building owners not to carry out unauthorised alteration works to the drainage system in their premises. They are also reminded to pour about half a litre of water into each floor drain at home at least once a week to ensure the water seal in the trap functions properly. Appended below please find the useful information on Healthy Drains for your perusal. Together, let's fight the virus! 

1. BD's website - Healthy Drains

2. BD Building Safety Quarterly issue no. 19

3. BD Building Safety Quarterly issue no. 20

4. Publicity videos (English and other languages available)

Public Education and Publicity Unit 
Buildings Department 

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