Social Responsibility

The Hong Kong Institute of Housing Volunteer Team


As a professional body for property management in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Institute of Housing (hereinafter referred as “HKIH”) have always been participating in extensive community services by educating the general public on the knowledge and importance of proper property management. Formation of the HKIH Volunteer Team in 2018 is not only to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of HKIH, but, also to extend continuously our care to both our members and the community. We believe that with the concerted effort and achievements of our volunteer team, our profession can earn a higher esteem and recognition in the community. Taking this opportunity, we would like to extend our sincerest and warmest invitation to all HKIH members to join our volunteer team. Being a member of the volunteer team, you will meet other fellow members who have the same heart in serving our community and will gain more industry insights through a lot of activities.

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Submit your entries to the Secretariat Office with scanned copy of a duly completed registration form via one of the followings:

Email: [email protected] (Subject Line: “HKIH Volunteer Team”)
Fax: +852-2544-3112

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For any enquiries, please feel free to contact the Secretariat Office of The Hong Kong Institute of Housing

Tel: +852-2544-3111
Fax: +852-2544-3112
Email: [email protected]