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[Final Round] 2023 HKAEE Collaborative Partners - Promotional materials - Final call for Applications

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The Hong Kong Institute of Housing is one of the supporting organizations for the " Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence"” organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. Please refer to below for details.


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The Hong Kong Institute of Housing


Last call to the 2023 “Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence", "Hong Kong Green Innovation Awards", "Outstanding Green Achiever Commendation Scheme" and "Outstanding Promotional Partner Commendation Scheme" are led by the Environmental Campaign Committee together with the Environment and Ecology Bureau, and in conjunction with 9 other organisations. 


HKAEE aims to encourage companies and organisations to adopt green management, benchmark their performance with the best practices within their sectors and recognise the achievements of the best-performing companies and staff. HKGIA encourages organisations to develop innovative, green and practicable ideas into gadgets, equipment or systems to solve environmental problems or improve environmental performance, resulting in real benefits to the environment, the organisations themselves and the community. 


Organisations will receive free environmental advice through participation, which helps to further enhance their corporate image and fulfil their corporate social responsibilities. Organisations that have completed the first phase of the questionnaire review for the two major awards will be issued an electronic certificate in recognition of their efforts in protecting the environment.


The two Awards and Commendation Schemes are open for application for FREE. Interested parties are welcome to apply on or before 31 December 2023. Click Here to read details and register. For enquiries, please email to [email protected] or call the hotline 2788 5903.

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